Rules, Terms & Conditions

Below there are our terms and conditions. In case you have any question regarding them send us an email and we will happily answer any of your questions.


You can rent a car if
  • You are above 21 years old for the basic insurance plan
  • You are above 23 years old for the full insurance plan
  • Your driving license is valid for over a year
The insurance plan does not cover
  • When the car is used for illegal activities
  • Racing competitions, safari, Off-road driving
  • Damages made to the car’s interior are not covered by any insurance company when they are not caused by a driving accident
  • Loss or destruction of the key is not covered by the insurance company, the replacement cost is charged to the client
  • When the client holds the car for an extended amount of time overlapping the contracted insured period
  • When you drink or use any forbidden substances
General Terms
  • The client is not allowed to let any third person to drive the car without the company’s consent
  • The car without the owner’s concern cannot be shipped by boat
  • All infraction tickets caused by violations of traffic laws are charged to the client
  • The renter must follow the traffic regulations
  • Gas cost is charged to the client
  • Maximal speed: 70 km/h in highway, 40 km/h in the city